Our trainers use a 3-step approach to training:

Once your dog begins to understand the new commands we've taught, the next step is to train the dog to execute those commands in every situation and across a variety of environments. This step solidifies your dog’s understanding of each command given, and tests them on control.


Our ultimate goal is to get you living the life that you want with your pet. Now that your dog understands what you want from them, you are able to your life with your dog in harmony. The benefits of having a well behaved dog taught by our trainers will last for a lifetime.

Focused on helping families ONE DOG AT A TIME!

How It Works


We take the time to teach your dog new commands, then we teach you how to give each command—we help you every step of the way. This is where your dog starts to understand what each command is and how to achieve them consistently and on cue.