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Focused Dog Training provides comprehensive, lasting dog training for families. We offer a suite of high touch training services that allow us to tailor our approach to your specific needs and produce results regardless of your dog's age, breed and prior training history.

Pet ownership can be stressful and time-consuming. At Focused Dog Training, we pride ourselves on being able ease the burden of pet ownership on families. First, we set you up for success by training your dog in a familiar environment—your own home. Next, we train using real life scenarios, common distractions and other techniques that ensure learned behaviors. Not only that, but we offer Lifetime Support once you've retained the services of our trainers. We stand behind our training methods and services, and our guarantee to you is that Focused Dog Training will be your trainer for life.

Everything we do is geared toward helping busy families, so we strive to provide a service that is efficient, affordable and long lasting.

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​Our Philosophy

Our trainers firmly believe that effective training begins with successfully teaching your dog new commands. But teaching is only our first step. Next, we train your dog in all common day-to-day situations so that they learn their new behaviors and how to apply them to their environment. By pairing these two equally important techniques—teaching and training—we are able to cut through some of the difficult growing pains of dog ownership and allow you to simply live your life with your dog.

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