I have always had dogs since I was young; I loved learning from them and working with them.  My personal beliefs with dogs are that if you show them respect and caring, they will do the same for you.  I hold my dogs to high expectations and they thrive on a very busy lifestyle.

I take great pride in what I do; I want to provide the best possible service I can to my clients and their dogs.  My clients have my cell phone number and can call or text me whenever they need.  I want to keep them moving forward with their training and create a great relationship.

I look forward to working with you soon and showing you and your family how to have a happy life together with your dog.

Jayson Fogle

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Focused on helping families ONE DOG AT A TIME!

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Jayson Fogle, Co-Founder and Head Trainer

Jayson is the Co-Founder and Head Trainer of Focused Dog Training. Prior to Focused Dog Training, Jayson was the head trainer for one of the largest dog training franchises in the Midwest.  Jayson’s passion for dogs and their owners is evident the moment you meet him. He listens to you, your needs and concerns. He will walk you through the commands step by step, and is always willing to give you any guidance you need..